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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products




SVKH, the Swiss association for complementary medicinal products (Schweizerischer Verband für komplementärmedizinische Heilmittel) represents the interests of producing and distributing companies in Switzerland.

By his neutral position and a broad support SVKH is the leading partner of the complementary pharmaceutical industry and at the same time competent and reliable contact for public services, health insurance companies and politicians.

26 members are benefiting from the following services: drafting of positions to pharmapolitical issues; consulting regarding questions of registration participation in public hearings regular information on new developments in the pharmapolitical sector; organisation of courses.

Amthausgasse 18 3011 Bern Switzerland

Tel. +41 (31) 560 0024 Fax +41 (31) 560 0025