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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Board of Management

ECHAMP’s Board of Management has a maximum of nine members, which are appointed by the Membership Assembly. Each Board Member has a deputy. The Board of Management is as representative as possible of the different EU Member State nationalities.


David Reckeweg-Lecompte, Germany   

Board Members
Valentino Corradi Dell' Acqua,Italy
Mathias Hevert, Germany
Thomas Kjaersgaard, Denmark
Bernadette Krom, The Netherlands
Christiaan Mol, Germany
Dr. Astrid Sprenger, Germany
Ian Wilders, Spain

Sven Backlund, Sweden
Dr. Thor Kastilan, Germany
Jennifer Kehlbeck, Germany
Dr. Gesine Klein, Germany
Steve Mann, United Kingdom
Dr. Monica Mennet-von Eiff, Germany
Dr. Norbert Schultz, Germany
Dr. Yasmine Terki, France

Last updated on 19 Jun 2019