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Use of homeopathy in the management of bovine mastitis

Nov 06, 2023

A promising new study suggests the potential for homeopathic medicine in the management of multiple antibiotic-resistant bovine mastitis, thus offering dairy farmers an additional option to antibiotics and making dairy products safer for consumer health and milk production more sustainable.

Bovine mastitis is an inflammatory condition in cows that causes reduced milk quality and quantity, as well as economic loss for farmers. Antibiotics have traditionally been the treatment of choice, but the rising incidence of multiple antibiotic resistant mastitis is a growing concern.

In the study, researchers explored the potential of a novel homeopathic complex medicine in the treatment of antibiotic resistant mastitis detected in a University-based herd. The results showed that cows in the homeopathic group had improved mastitis management, lower stress levels (measured by cortisol in the blood), and higher milk quality than those in the placebo group.

Whilst larger scale studies are needed to confirm these findings, homeopathy is clearly an option for dairy farmers to consider in the face of antibiotic resistance, consumer demand for safer dairy products and the need for more sustainable agriculture.

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