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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Clinical effectiveness

Studies comparing the effectiveness of homeopathy or anthroposophic medicine and conventional medicine in real life clinical situations have shown that homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine can produce results as good as or better than conventional medicine.

  • In the Tuscany region of Italy, after 20 years of clinical experience of providing homeopathy integrated into the public healthcare system, data collected from 5,877 patients shows that 88.8% of patients experienced health improvements, with a significant improvement seen in 68.1%.

  • A major study in France, the EPI-3 study, – followed 8,559 patients attending GP practices for a year and looked specifically at the ‘real-world’ effectiveness of treatment provided by certified homeopathic physicians for three main groups of clinical conditions: musculoskeletal disorders, upper respiratory tract infections and sleep/anxiety/depressive disorders. In all three clinical groups the results showed that patients accessing homeopathy experienced symptomatic improvement, coupled with reduction in exposure to drugs with side effects, antibiotics and psychotropic drugs with addictive properties respectively.

  • The use of anthroposophic medicine has been associated with much  lower  use  of  antibiotics  and  antipyretics, quicker  recovery,  fewer  adverse  reactions,  and  greater  therapy  satisfaction compared to conventional medicine (Hamre et al.(2005))

  • Similar results were obtained for homeopathy, and another study shows lower use of antibiotics and fewer antipyretic/anti-inflammatory drugs for a similar evolution

Last updated on May 21, 2019