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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


July & August 2020

News from the Board and Fields of Activity

Political affairs

  • The European Commission has released for feedback the roadmap 'Pharmaceuticals – safe and affordable medicines (new EU strategy)' and a public consultation to help feed the strategy. The Political Affairs group has answered both consultations.
  • During the summer, the Political Affairs group has also worked on ECHAMP's own strategy in response to the review, which will be discussed by the Board in September. 

Alignment with stakeholders

  • In line with the political developments at European level, a delegation from ECHAMP (Bernadette Krom, Monica Mennet-von Eiff and Amandine Oset) met a delegation of Heel (Gunther Herr and Christine Mellein) to discuss potential alignment on our response to the new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy. The participants agreed to hold a meeting in early November to discuss and try to develop a common position on the revision of Directive 2001/83/EC. ECHAMP is also inviting a delegation from Boiron to the meeting. 

News from ECHAMP

ECHAMP upcoming meetings and participation in meetings

  • 3 September: Political Affairs conference call
  • 23-24 September: Meeting of the Board of Management
  • 7 October: Stakeholder meeting, Brussels (ECHAMP office)
  • 8 October: Regulatory experts' event, Brussels (online meeting)
  • 14 October, PR & Communications conference call

Last updated on Sep 01, 2020