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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


2018: A strong foundation, determined actors and systematic progress

May 21, 2019

ECHAMP is pleased to announce the publication of its 2018 Annual Report, which highlights some important developments. It confirms the constructive outcome of ECHAMP’s renewed efforts to ensure good dialogue and collaboration with key stakeholders in our field, which resulted in some solid progress on key technical issues for our industry.

Legislation for homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines dates back to the early ‘90s and is based on a strong foundation –the broad use of homeopathic medicinal products in all EU Member States and the EU principles of free trade and freedom of choice. Most recently, the 2017 report from the Homeopathic Medicinal Products Working Group of the Heads of Medicines Agencies reconfirms substantial legitimacy for EU regulation in this field.

These medicinal products are used in primary and clinical care across Europe and offer valuable treatment options for health challenges such as antimicrobial resistance, multimorbidity, polypharmacy, chronic diseases and an ageing population.

Nevertheless, certain high-profile actors in this public debate are apparently determined to undermine this established framework. It is unacceptable that they base their arguments on false information and unscientific methods, with the intention of influencing policy making on homeopathic medicinal products.

Progress at European level must be protected and further developed. The foundations are laid and the standard-setting process must go on, so that European politicians and institutions may:

  • continue to respect the collective wish of the European voters for these medicines.
  • take note of the increasing body of research data substantiating this sector and prioritise investment in research on these topics.
  • better consider the potential contribution of these medicinal products to the big health challenges facing Europe today.

At ECHAMP, we are determined to build stronger bridges with other stakeholders and with European and national institutions. We look forward to continued collaboration in 2019 and hope that, step by step, a stronger common voice will better support our case.

Download ECHAMP’s Annual Report 2018