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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Advances in fundamental research in homeopathy

Mar 26, 2018

Two newly published studies, funded by Homeopathy Research Institute, make an important contribution to the discussion regarding the mode of action of homeopathy.

One shows that polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations. State of the art techniques have established that changes seen in the dyes when adding a homeopathic remedy are in direct correlation to the degree of polarity of the dye used. This indicates that homeopathic preparations themselves have polarity. These results are a major breakthrough in developing a reliable experimental setup which can detect homeopathic preparations at a physicochemical level.

The second, a systematic review on fundamental research, shows that physicochemical research in homeopathy has dramatically increased in volume, and improved in quality in recent years. This demonstrates the commitment of researchers worldwide into finding out what distinguishes homeopathic preparations from ‘just’ water. 

It is hoped that these two new papers will contribute substantially towards developing clear and testable hypotheses regarding the mode of action of homeopathy.

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