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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Australian campaign: Your Health, Your Choice

Jul 25, 2017

Your health your choiceA new campaign has launched in Australia, calling for a Senate Inquiry to investigate National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)’s 2015 Homeopathy Review. This follows on the challenge to the Ombudsman concerning the homeopathy report.

The campaign argues that more than 200 million people worldwide use homeopathy to support their health. Their choice, as well as the choice of the large majority of the world's population that relies on or uses some form of complementary medicine, is under threat.

It shares the information that NHMRC ignored positive evidence in declaring homeopathy is not effective. The highly flawed, inaccurate and misleading Australian report on Homeopathy is being used as justification for regulatory changes which could restrict access to homeopathic medicines. If this happens, the precedent is set for other countries to follow suit, citing the Australian report as sufficient evidence.

This campaign aims to protect the right to choice in healthcare.

How to join the 'Your Health, Your Choice' campaign:

  1. Register your support for the campaign at
  2. Share on Facebook
  3. Share on Twitter and use the hashtag #yourhealthyourchoice
  4. Forward this email to contacts who also support the right to choose CAM.
  5. If you publish a newsletter or a blog: Discuss this campaign in your communications - click here to download campaign images.