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Confidence in homeopathic medicines on the rise in France

Nov 17, 2016

The French have expressed growing confidence in homeopathic medicines, with one in five expressing total confidence in these products.

Confidence in homeopathic medicines rose by 2% in France last year, as confidence in medicines in general dropped by 1%.

These are the results of a new study from Ipsos Public Affairs, prepared for Les Entreprises du Médicament (leem). ‘Observatoire Sociétal du medicament 2016’ is the sixth annual study on the relationship the French have with medicinal products; it has tracked the image of and levels of confidence in medicines in France every year since 2011. The latest survey took a representative sample of 1000 respondents, surveyed during one week in June this year.

Key findings are that 46% of French people take medicines every day, a slight decline from last year, after a steady growth in this number since 2012. 84% have confidence in medicines in general, down from 85% last year. Confidence has dropped in just about every specific category of medicine with the exception of homeopathy, for which survey participants expressed an increase in confidence - 73% of the survey participants expressing confidence up from 71% in 2015; 20% have total confidence in homeopathy. These numbers show a growing trend of confidence in these products, after a low of 69% in 2014, although the number is still some way off the 83% high of 2012. The highest level of confidence is in prescription medicines (88% down from 93%) and the lowest is in vaccinations (69% down from 71%).