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French campaign to uphold reimbursement of homeopathy gains momentum

Jun 24, 2019

Over a million people have signed a petition in France in favour of upholding the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines by the French health system.

A recent survey of doctors and patients shows that 72% of the French population are convinced of the benefits of homeopathy and 74% oppose the proposal to discontinue reimbursement of these products. 77% of French have used homeopathy, and over 40% have been using it for more than 10 years.

The campaign, Mon Homéo Mon Choix, has been gathering momentum in the light of a review commissioned by the French health ministry into the evidence base for homeopathy. The government is committed to taking a decision as to whether to uphold or discontinue reimbursement of these products.

Advocates for homeopathy, including scientists, politicians, doctors, patients and manufacturers in the field, have come together in a bid to ensure continued access to homeopathic treatment for all patients in France and to defend the patients’ right to choose their therapy. They have published a white paper, ‘Quelle Place pour l’Homéopathie dans l’Offre de Soins?’ that sets out specific proposals on the place homeopathy should have in the range of treatments available, confirming that homeopathy is a positive asset for our health system.

A decision from the minister of health is expected in the coming weeks.

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