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Global impact of the flawed Australian Report on Homeopathy

Jan 22, 2019

A new animation from Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) demonstrates the global impact of NHMRC's flawed 2015 report on homeopathy.  It demonstrates succinctly how inaccurate research in Australia is damaging homeopathy worldwide, highlighting the scale of the report’s impact and showing it to be a genuinely international issue. Its tag line: ‘Inaccurate research is everyone’s problem.’

The report concluded there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy works. Few realise the report’s findings are inaccurate and based on fundamentally flawed science. A complaint has been filed with the Commonwealth Ombudsman charging NHMRC with bias, conflict of interest, scientific misconduct and misleading the public. The Ombudsman verdict on the AHA/HRI Challenge to this report is imminent.

Support the campaign to bring pressure on the Australian government – sign the petition to help achieve 100k signatures for the Release the First Report campaign and share this new resource with your networks.

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