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Homeopathic treatment of multimorbid patients cuts costs by up to 60%

Apr 09, 2015

A new study found an average improvement of 91% over one year in a group of patients treated with homeopathy for a combination of three or more concurrent chronic complaints. The cost of homeopathic treatment was estimated to be 41% of a conventional therapy.

50 multimorbid patients were treated with homeopathy with an experimental approach to remedy selection known as Polarity Analysis; they were followed for over one year. 43 patients completed the observation period, achieving an average improvement of 91% in their initial symptoms. Six patients dropped out, and one did not achieve an improvement of 80%, and was therefore also counted as a treatment failure.

The study concludes that homeopathy may be capable of taking over a considerable proportion of the treatment of multimorbid patients, at lower costs than conventional medicine.

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