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Homeopathy is the most popular complementary therapy in Austria

Nov 10, 2022

A new market study by Wiener Städtische (Vienna Insurance Group) confirms that complementary and alternative medicine is well established in Austria and interest in these treatments is growing.

The study reports that 69% of Austrians perceive complementary medicine to be a clear part of health care and over 60% have used it. It is particularly established amongst women, amongst older age groups (56-70 year olds) and in rural populations.

Homeopathy leads as the most popular treatment – 42% of respondents and 52% of women use or have used it – followed by Bach flower remedies and acupuncture (both 25%).

Six out of every ten people have experience of complementary therapies; this number is higher for women (seven out of ten) than for men (five out of ten) although this trend is declining.

More than a third of respondents pay more attention to their own health now than they did twelve months ago and more than one quarter (27%) say they have become more interested in complementary medicine over that period. Increased interest in complementary and alternative medicine can be seen in particular in women and in younger people (under 35).