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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Homeopathy Research Institute - New website with reliable information on homeopathy research

Nov 13, 2014

HRI’s new website is a rich, comprehensive and accessible source of resources on the evidence base for homeopathy.

It includes an excellent section on frequently asked questions refuting many criticisms commonly thrown at homeopathy with sound academic and scientific answers. It also provides information and reviews on big debates on homeopathy research such as the recent Australian Report and the infamous 2005 Lancet paper.

There is direct access to HRI films of some of the leading experts in the field, and information about the HRI international conference in Barcelona in 2013 and Rome 2015; also to the CORE-Hom database, which presents the entire collection of published peer reviewed clinical research on homeopathy in one place free of charge.

HRI believes that two strategies are essential to exploring the true potential of homeopathy – cutting through the mass of misinformation with academically rigorous facts, and carrying out new research using the highest possible standards. This new website has been written and curated by experts in homeopathy research, to provide the most reliable information in the field.