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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


IVAA report: Legal status of anthroposophic medicine

Jan 17, 2017

A new report from the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA) provides an overview of the legal status of anthroposophic medicine in a selection of countries from the Americas, European and Western Pacific WHO regions where anthroposophic medicine has, or is obtaining, a degree of official status.

Anthroposophic medicine is practiced in 65 countries worldwide. The legal status and integration in national health systems varies greatly between countries.

The report profiles 13 different countries, including 6 from the EU – Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Sweden.  The profiles include information, where available, on the general legal and policy context, health insurance coverage, recognition of training, the status of anthroposophic medicinal products and the academic status of anthroposophic medicine.

Countries with the strongest legal status for anthroposophic medicine are identified as Brazil, Germany and Switzerland.