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New database of clinical trials in homeopathy

Aug 22, 2014

Carstens Stiftung has launched a new database on clinical outcome research in homeopathy, in association with the Homeopathy Research Institute, called Core-HOM.

Launched in May 2014, it was created in answer to the need for a reliable and publicly available source of information in the field of clinical research in homeopathy. It is still under construction and is constantly updated, but currently consists of 1062 clinical trials, observational studies and surveys in the field of homeopathy.

Registration for and use of CORE-Hom are free of charge. The database was designed to offer researchers and the general public a solid foundation from which to assess the quality of homeopathy trials as well the many clinical fields to which they relate. The search grid offers a way to navigate the data, offering the possibility of searching through clinical condition or clinical field, name of author and more.

In an article to introduce the new database to the public, published on line in Homeopathy Journal on 11 August 2014, the authors identify that 352 of the trials referenced in the database were published in peer reviewed journals, 198 of which were randomised controlled trials. The most often used remedy was Arnica montana (n = 103). The most studied medical conditions were respiratory tract infections (n = 126) and traumatic injuries (n = 110). The article describes and explains the interface, features and content of the database.

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