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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


New database portal for complementary medicine

Oct 06, 2017

A free database portal for complementary medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy has been launched by the Karl und Veronica Carstens Foundation. This unique service for scientists, practitioners, therapists and students offers a nearly 100,000 items of scientific literature, including more than 30,000 clinical research papers and more than 9,000 basic research publications, providing a complete record of scientific literature, registered studies, experiments and case histories. This is probably the largest data collection in this field in Europe.

One URL - Four Databases

The portal gives access to four regularly updated databases:

  • CAM-Quest is the most comprehensive, currently containing 97,000 documents from the wide field of international complementary medicine and naturopathy. These include articles from books and journals, theses, as well as contributions from out-of-print anthologies and conference proceedings.
  • CORE-Hom (Clinical Outcome REsearch in Homeopathy) users can access 1,200 randomized double-blind trials, observational studies, outcome studies and larger case studies with detailed information. This database has been developed in collaboration with Homeopathy Research Institute.
  • HomBRex (Homeopathic Basic Research experiments) currently contains 2,200 experiments dealing with basic research in homeopathy. This database allows users to search for chemical-physical experiments, as well as for experiments with biological models. As a distinguishing feature, HomBRex is the only scientific database worldwide providing detailed information on experimental parameters.
  • HomVetCR contains over 400 clinical trials and case histories on veterinary homeopathy, with extensive details available for every entry.

Users may conduct their own search of the database; in addition the Carstens Foundation also offers scientists, practitioners, therapists and students free support for their searches. It is also possible to consult the reference library on-site in Essen, Germany, by appointment. Photocopies of articles and other items from the library's holding can be obtained for a small charge.

The Carstens Foundation: Nature and Medicine (Essen, Germany) has promoted the integration of complementary medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy in medical care since 1982. Its main aim is to fund research, to support junior scientists and practitioners, and to provide scientifically validated information concerning the application and usefulness of complementary medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy.