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New in Germany: Alliance for Integrative Medicine & Health

Feb 07, 2022

Allianz für Integrative Medizin & Gesundheit (AIM), the new platform for integrative medicine and health in Germany, is now online.

Its aim is to become a strong voice for integrative medicine in Germany, to develop solutions for holistic and forward-looking healthcare and to seek dialogue with politics and science.

The new website promotes the following slogans: ‘the best of both worlds’, ‘use medicinal plants correctly’, ‘together with a strong voice’ and ‘empower patients, promote diversity’. The Alliance sets the task of making health care crisis-proof and fit for the future, arguing that this can only be done in an integrative, interdisciplinary and consistently patient-oriented manner. This requires a paradigm shift, a holistic view of medicine and human health, of health promotion and of humane care. AIM acknowledges that the task of promoting good and future-oriented health care could hardly be more challenging: in the middle of the pandemic; at the beginning of a new legislative period with a new government; the many unsolved problems which endanger our health, such as environmental degradation and climate change; and the steadily increasing number of chronic diseases.

AIM is committed to working at a political, social and scientific level to tackle overdue tasks, discover unused potential and develop new solutions.

Partners include the campaign ‘weil’s hilft – Naturmedizin und Schulmedizin gemeinsam’ (because it helps - natural medicine and conventional medicine together), the Hufeland Society (medical umbrella organisation for integrative medicine) and the umbrella organisation for anthroposophic medicine (DAMiD). This is a platform of medical professional associations and networks, civil society alliances, patient representatives and other committed personalities from science, society and the healthcare sector. They say, "We stand for dialogue and new impulses, for diversity and interdisciplinary exchange. We're the ones to start with - be part of it!"