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Scientists give their opinion on homeopathy

Apr 19, 2021

A new  4-minute clip from Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) features some leading scientists from around the world explaining how the evidence shows that homeopathy is more than just a placebo.

They explain how laboratory and clinical research studies contradict the idea that homeopathy is only placebo and that it is a myth that there is no evidence homeopathy works. There are scientific studies of different types which show homeopathy to be effective. Observational studies show patients treated with homeopathy have similar outcomes to conventional treatment, but with fewer adverse effects.

Far from being a pseudoscience, homeopathy offers exciting potential. The homeopathy research sector is comprised of high-calibre, experienced scientists working at esteemed universities and institutions and the evidence so far suggests there should be much greater focus on this topic.

This is a strong and powerful message. Watch the clip on YouTube and share via your networks!