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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Strong support for homeopathy from opinion formers in Italy

Jun 25, 2019

New research from Italy confirms a positive relationship between the scientific medical community and homeopathy: 41% of doctors, 37% of pharmacists and 28% of medical-scientific opinion leaders say they hold no preconceptions or prejudices against homeopathy. On the contrary: 44% of doctors and pharmacists consider homeopathic medicines to be particularly useful.

A survey of 300 experts was conducted by EMG-Acqua on behalf of Omeoimprese, the association of companies that produce and distribute homeopathic medicines in Italy. It addressed, among others, general practitioners, pharmacists, university professors in the medical field and health journalists. The results contradict the common perception of homeopathy presented in the media.

About 60% of the interviewees use homeopathic medicines for treatment. One fifth of family doctors prescribe them. 15% of doctors, university professors and scientific journalists appreciate homeopathy for its effectiveness, less than 10% refer to the ‘placebo effect’ of these products and only 14% of doctors or pharmacists would refuse to prescribe them. 96% of respondents confirm they do not believe these products to be harmful.

Those who do not recommend or use homeopathy think that more information on the medicinal products and their effects would lead to a greater prescription. 60% of the opinion formers and health personnel claim to be fairly well informed, but would like more information on efficacy (45%) and results of scientific tests and trials (37%). 31% of pharmacists expect more precise indications on use, 28% would like explanations on posology.