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Study finds positive effect of homeopathy

Oct 17, 2023

A newly published study finds significant positive effects of homeopathy beyond placebo.

The study analyses several meta-analyses of placebo-controlled randomised efficacy trials of homeopathy for any indication. Six meta-analyses were included, covering individualised homeopathy, non-individualised homeopathy and all homeopathy types. The quality of evidence for positive effects of homeopathy beyond placebo was high for individualised homeopathy and moderate for non-individualised homeopathy and all homeopathy types. There was no support for the hypothesis that there was no difference in outcome between homeopathy and placebo.

Compared to other medical interventions, the quality of evidence for efficacy of homeopathy was similar or higher than for 90% of interventions across medicine. This means the evidence for homeopathy’s impact on patient health is found to be as strong as that of conventional treatments.

The study was conducted by a well-respected independent academic team, and published in ‘Systematic Reviews’, a high impact scientific journal. The authors recommend that future research on the efficacy of non-individualised homeopathy should focus on specific non-individualised forms of homeopathic therapy or on specific interventions for specific indications. It is hoped the study will encourage further research to evaluate the benefit of homeopathy for different health conditions.

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