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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Iscador AG

Iscador AG

As a pharmaceutical company, we manufacture and scientifically research preparations for integrative cancer treatment. People are always in the focus of our business – either as patients, customers, partners or employees.

Our aim is to support medical professionals, patients and relatives and to improve their quality of life. We pursue a holistic approach by focusing not only on the disease but on each person as an individual.

Our preparations are based on the fundamental research of Ita Wegman and Rudolf Steiner. At Institute Hiscia, we have been committed to the ongoing research and development of anthroposophical medicines, their production and worldwide distribution for more than 70 years. We have the ambition to improve the possibilities of integrative cancer therapy and to complement conventional medicine in the best way possible.

We believe in close partnerships with our suppliers and customers and in sustainable growth. We reinvest any profit into research and projects that contribute to achieving our goals.

Thanks to decades of careful cultivation, our mistletoe plants thrive on mother trees in Switzerland, Germany and France. It is not only important to us to grow and process them locally and sustainably – we also work efficiently, flexibly and cost-consciously and offer healthy and modern workplaces to all our employees.

Iscador AG Spitalstrasse 22 DE-79539 Lörrach

+497621 162 26 00