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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


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ECHAMP response

to HMPWG public consultation "Fifth List of First Safe Dilutions"

ECHAMP response

to the HMPWG public consultation "Question & Answer document on quality of homeopathic medicinal products Q8"

February 2019

Board of Management report and upcoming ECHAMP publications

Following the debate: homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine

How is it that this comparatively small and emerging sector is able to fill the headlines so regularly? Homeopathy has always been the subject of public debate and from its inception has provoked scientific disputes. This is an intrinsic outcome of its specific paradigms, which are increasingly supported by good data. Scientific debate is important. However, it is increasingly clear that some actors in this debate base their arguments on false information and unscientific methods, with an increasing intention of influencing policy making on homeopathic medicinal products. This article provides a round-up of news on homeopathy that has been recently in the public eye, both constructive and negative, bringing you up to date with the latest stories and giving you access to the often hidden facts behind the headlines.

January 2019

World Integrated Medicine Forum on the Regulation of Homeopathic Medicinal Products: Advancing Global Collaborations (Goa, India) and potential revision of Directive 2001/83/EC by the future new Commission.

New HMPWG consultations – questions and answers on quality and first safe dilutions

The Homeopathic Medicinal Products Working Group of the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMPWG) has released three new documents for public consultation – two with questions and answers on the quality of homeopathic medicinal products, and the fifth list of first safe dilutions. ECHAMP explains briefly the content of these documents and invites members to submit their comments to the office by 27th February.

December 2018

New publication 'The EU Market for Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products 2018', response to the public consultation 'Questions and Answers Document on the Quality of Homeopathic Medicinal Products (Q10)'

ECHAMP response

to the public consultations on the “Questions and Answers Document on the Quality of Homeopathic Medicinal Products (Q10)”

November 2018

New publication - The EU Market for Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products 2018 and new social media campaign: "Release the First report"

October 2018

Meeting with the Homeopathic Medicinal Products Working Party of the Heads of Medicines Agencies

Following the debate: homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine

Occasionally carefully researched, often misrepresented, homeopathy is never far from the limelight. Co-ordinated challenges to the sector are being countered by increasingly active campaigns from those who use and benefit from the medicines and therapies. Read on for our triannual round up of some of the key stories about homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine that have cropped up in the European media in recent months.

September 2018

Evaluation of the HMPWG Report on the Regulatory Status of Homeopathic Medicinal Products for Human Use in EU And EFTA Countries, update on the Australian report campaign

July & August 2018

Open letter to the President of the Spanish Government concerning the registration process, comments to the public consultation on "Study supporting the Evaluation of the European Medicines Agency Fee System", update on the Australian report campaign

May 2017

Movie "Just one drop", Comments on the 2nd list of FSD

ECHAMP response

to the "Preamble to the consolidated list of justified homeopathic stocks"

ECHAMP response

to the "fourth list entries of stocks for which homeopathic use is justified”

ECHAMP confirms Schmidt Nagel as new partner

At its annual Membership Assembly in Marseille on 17 April, ECHAMP was pleased to welcome its first extraordinary partner, the homeopathic medicine company Schmidt Nagel from Switzerland.